Foundation goals

Taking counteraction to the digital exclusion of society

n the ranking of the digital economy and society index (DESI) for 2021 published by the European Commission, Poland came only 24th among the 27 Member States of the European Union. The aim is to improve this position so that society can profit from the benefits of digitalisation and be ready for the day when the use of technology in everyday life will become a necessity.

Development of esport discipline and culture

E-sport is currently facing barriers such as a lack of a full understanding of the realities of this discipline within the society, including the parents and teachers of players who have an impact on their careers. In addition, some groups have limited access to esports, such as people with disabilities. The goal of the Foundation is to support the overcoming of barriers and popularize this field.

The Gaming Without Barriers Foundation intends to achieve the above goals by organizing esports events, providing digital equipment to people in need, researching the topic of digital exclusion and conducting educational trainings.